Zelfast is a brand of Greenbeans Fabric 2014 Ltd, supplying high quality hook & loop products throughout New Zealand.

Developments of Zelfast through GreenBeans

The Greenbeans group started back in 2003 producing, importing, and distributing Hook & Loop products, alongside a number of other textile products, with the sole purpose for the manufacture into Reusable/Washable Modern Cloth Nappies (MCNs). MCNs demand quality products that are required to last several years, spending half its life submerged in water, hung outside on washing lines, soaked in urine and other unmentionables, while still looking acceptable, day in day out for all of its useful life. For a quality Hook & Loop product to last this long, spending half its life in the sunlight, requires a highly engineered industrial product. From day one, we worked with our suppliers to produce a very heavy duty, quality range of hook & loop products that last the test of time.

From 2011 a number of parties made us aware of the gap in the market for Industrial grade Self Adhesive Hook & Loop products at realistic wholesale prices. After some consideration, we tested adding Self Adhesive product to our product line. While not having anything to do with nappies, it was no real extra effort to use our vast product development and production knowledge in Hook & Loop products. The test was an overnight success, with us struggling to keep up with demand for the first 12 months.

After a while, the feedback we started to get from new customers was that of caution the first time they hit our website, having it all nappy related in its info and being a little put off by it, as well as having all our newsletters all related to nappy products and sewing, and not that relevant to our Industrial Hook & Loop clients. To fix this issue, the brand of Zelfast was born, and development of the Zelfast websites became a necessity.

Zelfast Today

Zelfast is a very well respected and accepted brand of Quality, Durable, Industrial Hook & Loop products through a range of industries including Schools, Sign Writers, & Gyms right down to someone at home looking for some hook & loop to make some fly screens or fix up an awning on their tent. We are also becoming well known and used as the preferred supplier for double sided and cable tie products by electricians, cable & telephone installation contractors - Telstra along with most other telcos stipulate the usage of hook & loop products only and a complete ban of plastic cable ties.

We ship products within Australia, from our Brisbane office/warehouse. Shipping daily using our well tuned distribution warehouse and systems, all orders can be delivered overnight with our range of shipping options available to you.

What Makes Us Different:

We are a direct from the factory supply solution. We produce the products we sell directly with the factory, to our spec, there is no hierarchy of middle men taking a slice, which delivers a better quality product, at a lower price to you.

We ship daily from our Brisbane warehouse and aim to ship your order the same day that your payment shows. We pride ourselves on speedy and efficient service - in both dispatch and customer service.

Thanks for visiting Zelfast Australia! We appreciate your support, and welcome your feedback.